Our story


Behind Phicen Nordic are the same three women who run Atelier Tea-o-rama in Etsy and our store in Helsinki.  You might have bumped into us when visiting Finnish miniature and dollhouse markets. Haven´t been there? No worries. Read further and learn more about us and how we ended up in landslide that takes all your money but leaves you smiling happily with your dolls. Figures. Whatever. Call them what you want!

Where it all began

We blame you, covid! When the pandemic started, people hid in their homes, and it started to get boring quickly. Aurora had reluctantly packed up her Barbies as a teen with all the social pressure but with a dream that someday she would bring them up again and would build the grandest dollhouse ever. Some day.  It took over 30 years but the pandemic was the catalyst needed for it. It was joyous to meet them again but soon the want for more realism started to rise and Barbies – as beautiful they are – didn´t do it anymore.

Seeing the first phicen was groundshaking. There was absolutely no way back. Love at the first sight! The first thought was to get only one., but within a month there were two. Then Barbies started to look too different. There´s always a place in my heart for them but it just wasn´t enough. So, now there are MANY phicens back at home. Little army of them.

I found out I´m not the only one soon. There´s hundred thousands of us! Social media showed it´s strength in a good way. Facebook and especially Instagram is full people within this hobby. People of all ages, of all genders getting united under this magnificent hobby! I felt so happy, almost tipsy realizing how big thing this is. You are not alone. Not the alone geek but part of worldwide thing. And how wonderful people are in it too! When the real world is too dark or exhausting, the dollyverse is much nicer place to go. It does´t matter if your collection is on display cabinet, actors of you photostory or just there to cheer you up, it´s all good.

From fashion designers to 1:6 scale figure seamstresses

Finnish independence celebration on December 6th december is our biggest red carpet event and for it to be cancelled was a devastating move for us. We are fashion designers by our everyday profession and pandemic hit us where it hurt most. It meant no work no pay for the rest of the year. So, we found a solution. First 1/6 evening gowns were created as dolltherapy but it was such fun we didn´t want to stop and end up creating a full Presidential independency Ball as huge Diorama set. Like we use to say here in Finland : and that´s when the idea hit us.

Creating that huge diorama was such fun we didn´t want to stop there. Little by little this miniverse started to conquer more interest and room from full sized gowns and work. Suvi started to customized Star Wars characters and create fun little stories with them. Aurora has been doing an ongoing photostory with phicen for more than 2 years, but Fanni has been sane still. Except her passion manufacturing little jeans makes room for doubts.

The moment came when we needed to choose what we are going to do. Should we continue career with real size fashion and bridals or what? One by one we confessed that actually we all wanted to dive head first into dollyverse and leave the past 20 years behind us. Start anew, start really doing what got us inspired. Do what we fell love with. If someone would have said that we turn into full time minicostumers and retailers I would have laughed. But what did I knew? The spell is strong, this feels so good and before else, makes us happy.

At miniature and dollhouse markets, many are struck with phicen. What on earth are these? WOW! Same kind of being awestruck as I was when first seeing my first phicens. Many tried to buyour figures so once again the idea was born. Turned out there´s not importers, resellers in Nordic countries and it´s quite hard to find one inside Europe too.

TBLeague is clearly the best manufacturer. Their quality, realism and proportions are above par when compared to other seamless figure brands. Also they have great variety in different kind of body types. It was clear from the start we wanted to start co-operation with Tbleague and here we are an importer, Nordic reseller for the best brand!

It´s such a joy to let people to know and to get these amazing figures and make these lovelies easily and  quickly available. Be easily approachable friend who can help your way thru endless codes and matching problems. See the excat wondrous look on people´s eyes when they find something remarkable. We can´t see you eyes, look on your face here but trust us, it´s bringing smiles to our faces to open the door to the new world.


Aurora, Suvi & Fanni