Phicen background


Phicen used to be a new kind of doll/ action figure – steel framed, fully jointed and seamless - created by two brothers. They are manufactured in Dongguan, China and have been spread all over the world. Typically there are full sets of costumed figures with their accessories of different kind of characters from comics, movies and TV series. In few years competition appeared who took the phicen -name into their use too.

After long trials the Phicen Limited changed it´s name to TBLeague and phicen were left to a name to all seamless  flexible action figures. To mention a few you can find Jiaou Doll, LD Doll, Uddoll and Obest selling phicen too. All these brands have diffirent versions of seamless figures with diffirent styles. 

Even though Tbleague let Phicen name go it stays at the top of seamless figures. It´s the only brand using jointed stainless steel frame inside the seamless figure. Joints are steel too and they are very durable and can take very extreme poses. We often hear comparison from other people within the hobby saying Tbleague´s soft body parts are also more durable and less likely to crack than with other brands. Also human anatomy is most precise with Tbleague.

Body types are also the strong part for TBLeague. They have most wide variety of different bodies and they have more realistic proportions as well as ones meant for anime characters. Compared to certain other brand whose designer has clearly issues with breasts and private male parts. Incomprehensible balloons and arm wide woods. Right. It´s ok to like different things and if that´s you thing, then nothing bad about that.

We have had different phicen brands in our own use for years and choosing the right brand was the easiest thing. Phicen Nordic is the sole importer and reseller of Tbleague in Nordic countries. Full figure sets are not available for now but if you would like to have something, it´s doable.