Attic or cabin Roombox in 1/6 scale
Attic or cabin Roombox in 1/6 scale

Attic or cabin Roombox in 1/6 scale

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1/6 scale roombox with 3 walls, tilted roof and window. 3 options for windows


Roombox in 1/6 scale with 3 walls, roof and one window. All walls and floor are unpainted. You can also choose windows to the ceiling if wanted.

You can either paint them or put wallpapers to it. For floors you can paint it too or get nice effect by using f. ex. tilepatterned tape or cardboard. We have done plank floors with wood veneers. As you can see, there´s as many options as your imagination gives you.

Material is sturdy MDF board manufactured in Europe.

Outside measurements: Width 62,5 cm, Height from tallest point 48,0cm and sides 30,0 cm, Depth 40,5 cm

Inside measurements: Widht 60 cm, Height from tallest point 47,0cm and sides walls 29,0 cm, Depth 39,5 cm

You can paint both sides and by changing their order you can create two (or more!) different spaces. This is huge help if you do photostories with your figures! 

You can stacking it up over another roombox. This is very sturdy structure

In case you want ceiling windows to your roombox you can choose them below. There´s options for those. Windowframes come as separate pieces so it´s easy to paint them and walls with ease. You are guaranteed to get clean and defined finish this way!

Roombox is delivered as flat box and you need to put it up yourself. Assembling it is very easy and you can storage it in flat too if you don´t have enough space to keep it around all the time.


This is pre order item and all roomboxes are manufactured per order. Shipping time is 2-3 weeks

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Model number: roombox attic