Tips and advice


There´s some important things to take into considerations with your phicen. Please read these with care and follow them – just few things to keep in mind and you won´t have any problems with your phicen figure.

- Always remember to place your phicen into museum pose: body, hands and legs straight. Bend positions strain the soft tissue and cause cracks in joint areas.  Let them have dynamic poses for 2 days maximum! THIS IS THE WAY! - Nr. 1 rule of phicen!

- Soft tissue can get damaged especially if there´s something with sharp edges – so bear this in mind and don´t throw them around of leave in to bottom of you bag without protecting it first.

- You can get clothes easily on your figure when you take the head sculpt, hand and feet off first. Even the tightest clothes go on without cursing.

- When taking hands and feet off, take good grip of the arm or leg and pull vertically. Pull straightwithout bending or twitching it or you might pull the socket off from its place. Better be safe than sorry!

- If the hands or feet are hard to pull off (or to get back on), warm them first. You can warm it by placing them under warm (not boiling!) water for some time or your hairdryer. Warmed plastic is much easier to get off or to get back into its place and it doesn´t do any damage to your figure.

- There´s always risk of staining especially with darker clothes (pleather is the worst!). If you like to make your own clothes for your figure we need to warn you – pencil doesn´t come off at all.  


We highly recommend you to purchase:

- Powder brush or any other thick brush

- Soft toothbrush (for hair)

- Baby powder or corn starch

- Baby oil (for stains)

- Shawing cream f.ex. Gillette (for stains)

- PH neutral soap


- Use powder puff and baby powder/ corn starch if the figure feels sticky and/or it´s difficult to put clothes/accessories on. Bush thin layer of powder overall. You don´t need much.

- If your figure is dusty or there´s lint on the skin – go another round with the powder brush

- If your figure had a swim, wash with soap, dry carefully and give it another round with powder brush


Remember dark clothes are almost always the reason for the stains, so we recommend always to prewash the new garments with vinegar before putting in on. There´s several ways to prevent this kind of staining.  You can put cling wrap on your figure before putting the clothes on – and it also helps the actual dressing process! Socks and pantyhose underneath the darker clothing is a good method too. Depending what you do with your figure and how to clothe it, this might be a problem you never get.

If your figure gets stained don´t panic. There are ways to deal with it.  Most stains can be almost completely be removed – except pencil.

Wash the figure with lukewarm water and PH neutral soap. Tap it dry with a towel– we recommend teatowel kind of types that leave no lint on.

Because the material of the bodies is porous, it´s also absorbing colors. A faint stain can leave on it´s own in couple days when you leave it unclothed. The effect can be added with shaving cream. Manufacturer recommends Gillette´s. You put it thickly over the stained areas and leave it for some days. Then wipe off the dried up shaving cream, wash the figure and finish with baby powder.

If there´s heavy staining on large areas, wash the figure first. Then brush it with baby oil and you can try to massage it in the worst areas. Leave it to absorb for at least overnight. You can also add oil if needed. You get the best result when you leave it for some days – be patient. It works but it takes time. When you are done, wipe the rest of the oil away and finish with powder brush


- Hairfibers used for phicen heads differ from other dolls. We warmly recommend getting a soft tootbrush (kid´s toothbrushes are great!) for brushing the hair. A toothbrush is thick and soft enough and won´t rip the hair fibers as regular combs and brushes do. It also prevents frizzy hairs.

- With setting the hairdo and minimizing frizzy hairs you can you hair wax. Any brand do. No more flying hairs!

- You can keep longer and wavy hair in shape with aloe vera gel. It´s used with hair extensions to keep curls nice and separate. Fiber in both are very alike, only size differs.

- In some head sculpt´s there´s very few hair plugs and you notice it when you open the hair or try to put on other hairdo. It´s annoying but easily solved. You can add more hair yourself.


- Head sculpts take damage easily – especially nose, ears and chin turn white way too soon if not protected. Always cover and protect the heads when you move them around or travel with them,

- Most head sculpts don´t have protecting layer of varnish so if you want to, you can use Mr. Super Clear varnish spray to protect the paintwork. Cover the eyes of the head before doing so or you loose the liveliness in them. Varnish can also change the base colors slightly so do this at your own risk.